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316 Budden Rd, PokuruTe Awamutu

If you are looking for quality heritage breed poultry, baby chickens, hatching eggs, poultry health products, food or feeders and drinkers you need look no further than Feathered Friends Poultry. We only stock and recommend products we have tested and used ourselves, so come and talk to us and learn from the benefit of our personal experience before you rush off and purchase all the bits and pieces you think you will need to look after chickens.

We breed Araucanas, Australorps, Barnevelders, Dorkings, Hamburgs, Light Sussex (full size and bantams), Orpingtons, Plymouth Barred Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, and Wyandottes. Check out our breeds for more details orĀ  contact us for availability or to pre-order today.


Heritage Breeds

The breeds at Feathered Friends Poultry

Heritage Breeds


Feeders and Drinkers

Crown poultry feeders and drinkers

Feeders and Drinkers


Chicken Food

A quality range of grains and pellet food

Chicken food