Fertile Hatching Eggs

Fertile Hatching Eggs

For those of you with clucky chooks or incubators we are happy to supply fertile hatching eggs from any of our heritage breeds when available. Alternatively we are happy to supply unsexed young hatchlings up to 14 days old

Eggs are posted on Monday and Tuesdays to make sure they get to you before the weekend and remain nice and fresh or can be picked up from us in Pokuru or at Tall Poppies Landscape & Pool Centre during business hours in Te Awamutu.

We are hatching up to 70 eggs a week and do not offer eggs for sale unless we are getting over 90% fertility and high hatch rates, so have done everything in our power to ensure your success from eggs supplied by us.
However hatch rates can be affected by many things outside our control including rough handling, exposure to heat or cold, humidity, and incubation issues so for these reasons we do not offer refunds or replacements for any embryos that fail to develop.

Once you receive your eggs, it pays to rest them over night prior to putting under your broody hen or in the incubator to let their air sacks settle, which may improve hatch results.

Eggs are $3 ea