Feeders and Drinkers

Crown Ball Type Drinkers

0.6lt, 1.3lt, 2.5lt, 4lt, 6.5lt, 9lt, 12lt

The 0.6lt and 1.3lt are press fit green and white drinkers and are perfect for raising chicks as they prevent them from standing in their water.

The larger drinkers have a twist lock mechanism for a positive attachment and a flat top to aid filling. They also have wire handles to assist carrying and shifting.

Crown Suspension Feeders

1.3kg, 3kg, 5kg, 8kg, 15kg

The crown suspension feeders have a variable flow rate adjustable by a wing nut to accommodate various sizes of feeds. The trough is also segregated to help prevent birds flicking seeds sideways out of the feed bowl and of course they can be suspended to help keep clean.

Crown Flip Top Feeders


Great for small chicks to keep food contained and tidy. The plastic top is hinged one side and clips the other. They have real pin hinges for long life.


Drinking nipples

Chickens need a constant supply of fresh clean drinking water, running out for even an hour or two can decrease egg production.

These European drinking nipples are great quality and we have changed all the drinking stations over to them. As they are drip free we are saving heaps of water and time because I don’t have to clean and change their water twice a day.

Drinking nipples are $5.00 each