Diatomaceous Earth and Accessories

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Diatomaceous Earth is a 100% pure food grade fossil shell flour that can be used as a non-toxic alternative for controlling parasites on your poultry and other pets or farm animals. It works by cutting into the insects and dehydrating it, this is a mechanical not a chemical process so the insect can’t build up an immunity to it.
Since we started using DE I have not seen any sign of mites, either on our chickens or in their coops or bedding. We apply using a pest pistol to all the cracks and crannies around their coop and nesting boxes and apply directly to the birds to control mites. I also mix in with their dust bath so the chickens apply the DE to themselves when they bath.

DE can also be fed to your animals to help control worms by mixing in with their food. For Chickens it is recommended to mix about 5% into their feed per day.

We supply 1kg bags for $29.50, larger quantities available on request at more competitive pricing.


DE Pest Pistol

The DE pest pistol is an easy and cost effective way to distribute DE around the coop and nesting areas.

Simply fill the container turn upside down and squeeze  to apply a nice coating in all the cracks and crevices where the red mite hide. Cover the perches, nesting areas and I even poof some around the floor litter in a mist of DE.

DE Pest Pistols are $26.50


DE Shaker

The DE shaker is the ideal way to apply Diatomaceous Earth to your animals easily. I use it to sprinkle down the back of the chicken, under each wing and around the chest and down around the vent, and rub it in. Take care not to get in the birds eyes as it will dry them out.

DE Shakers are $5.60 ea