Silver Spangled Hamburg Heritage Breed Chickens

The Silver Spangled Hamburg is a friendly light breed chicken originating from Northern Europe.





Egg Colour



Silver Spangled Hamburg

Light Breed, Soft feathered

North Europe

Male 2.00 – 2.5kg, Female 1.6 – 2.0kg


Approximately 200 eggs per year

$55.00 for 9 to 12 week old pullets

$12.50 for up to 10 day old chicks unsexed

$4.00 for hatching eggs

Silver Spangled Hamburg heritage breed chickens

The Hamburg was originally bred in Holland not from Germany as the name implies and it is thought that they might have come from Turkey before that.

Known to be a free spirited bird they have earned a reputation for being intolerant of confinement but I have found them to be one of the most gentle and friendly birds we breed. Unlike their cousins the Gold Penciled Hamburgs we no longer breed as they were too flighty and impossible to tame.

They get along fine with other chickens but will probably be near the top of the pecking order as they mature quickly and are quite quick and agile.

Although they lay a smaller egg they lay a lot of them and are very good at converting a small amount of food into eggs.

They are a great cold hardy bird so do well in some of the colder climates around New Zealand.

The hamburgs are small and fly well so can be harder to contain than some of the larger breeds. Having said that I have them roaming with the other birds and they don’t range too far.

The Hamburg breed come in several colours including black, gold penciled, silver penciled, gold spangled, silver spangled and white.

Here at Feathered Friends we only have the silver spangled available but due to their rarity and limited numbers we have priced them higher than some other breeds.

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