Barnevelder Heritage Breed Chickens

Barnevelder heritage breed chickens lay lovely dark brown eggs and originate from Holland.





Egg Colour




Medium heavy breed, Soft feather

From the Netherlands from theDutch town of Barneveld

Male 3.2 – 3.8kg, Female 2.3 – 2.7kg

Dark brown

Approximately 170 eggs per year, lay over winter

$50.00 for 9 to 12 week old pullets

$12.50 for up to 10 day old chicks unsexed

$3.50 for hatching eggs


A calm and gentle bird makes them ideal for the back garden and the family environment.

Known for their hardiness they are suitable throughout New Zealand and will lay well over the winter months.

Barnevelders grow quickly and are generally healthy and easy to care for.

Originating from the Dutch town of Barneveld, they are a medium heavy breed and famous for their dark brown eggs. Many of our modern Barnevelder chickens have lighter coloured eggs as breeders have concentrated on external characteristics and not maintaining the lovely dark brown egg colouring.

We have the double laced variety, which have a beautiful double brown and black lacing effect.

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