Araucana Heritage Breed Chickens

Araucana  heritage breed chickens lay lovely blue/green eggs and originate from Chile.





Egg Colour




Light Breed, Soft feathered


Male 2.7 – 3.2kg, Female 2.2 – 2.7kg

Blue Green

Approximately 240 eggs per year

$50.00 for 9 to 12 week old pullets

$12.50 for up to 10 day old chicks unsexed

$3.50 for hatching eggs


Araucanas are spirited friendly birds and make a great addition to your flock, they are alert, good flyers and excellent foragers.

They are considered to be very good layers and are one of the first to start laying after moulting, they lay blue/green eggs that I believe are tastier than other eggs, although it is generally accepted that there is no difference. Egg colour can vary from greyish or violet blue to a turquoise or greenish blue, they can fade towards the end of the season and is quiet normal.

True Araucana have a compact crest, thick muffling, beard & ear tufts on the head and have a small pea comb.  The head should be moderately small, the beak strong and stout and the eyes bold. The comb should be a small pea comb, and face covered with thick muffling, beard and ear muffs. The ear lobes should be small and covered with muffling and the wattles small to absent, the crest small and set well back from the eyes. A good exhibition bird should also have a long, deep body, with horizontal back, wings large and strong, with a well developed tail at a 45 degree angle. Their legs should be strong, set well apart and be free from feathering (willow to olive or slate in colour) with four straight, well spread toes.

Pea Comb – a triple comb, resembling three small single combs joined together at the base and rear, but distinctly divided, the middle one being the highest

Colours – Lavender, Blue, Black, White, and Old English Game Colours (other colours from British standard – Black/Red, Pile, Silver and Gold Duckwing)

We breed the Lavender variety at Feathered Friends.and hope to add Black next season

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