Heritage Breeds



Quiet and friendly birds, they make great pets and lay blue green eggs to add colour and variation to your egg basket. MoreIMG_9025


We have Black, Blue and Splash Australorps at Feathered Friends Poultry Australorps are very large birds and very friendly More about Australorps IMG_9067


A calm and gentle bird with beautiful double lacing, known for their brown eggs they are hardy birds so suitable throughout New Zealand. More IMG_9057

Barred Plymouth Rock

Another quiet and friendly bird and make great pets for the kids, they lay a tinted egg and look very striking with their black and white plumage. MoreIMG_8903


Possibly the oldest of the English breeds, Dorkings have five toes on each foot and lay a white egg. More



We have Gold Penciled and Silver Spangled Hamburgs at Feathered Friends Poultry. Very striking looking birds but are quiet flighty so do not do well in confinement. More on Gold Penciled Hamburg More on Silver Spangled Hamburg


Buff Orpington

Really friendly and quiet these birds can even be described as cuddly and make great pets for kids. MoreIMG_8845


We have Light Sussex and Light Sussex Bantams at Feathered Friends Poultry Curious and active but friendly these are beautiful birds. They lay light brown eggs and make good mothers. More on light sussex More on Light Sussex BantamIMG_9041


Large stunning looking birds and are gentle and friendly. They lay pale brown eggs and are the original Wyandottes. More about Silver Laced Wyandotte